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Adjustable dividers

Specyfikacja Pereți mobili Adjustable dividers<br/> <span style='margin-left:22px;'>GENESY</span>

Adjustable dividers

Specyfikacja Pereți mobili Adjustable dividers<br/> <span style='margin-left:22px;'>HPL</span>

Genesy – adjustable dividers, a system designed to divide the surrounding space. It is an easy way of creating aesthetic and functional personal space. Genesy has many uses in offices, laboratories, banks, and other work spaces. The system of dividers includes a structural frame consisting of vertical bars with dimensions of 70x56 mm, made of hardened 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel, connected mechanically, thanks to which it is easy to adapt the setting to uneven structures.

The standard module of GENESY is 105 mm thick and 1050 mm wide, while the height depends on the design requirements. However, it is possible to change the shape and the width on request. The structural frame is finished with panels on both sides. The covering panels are made of chipboard, with an external wood-like layer protected against scratches and secured with an anti-glare layer. The edges of the covering panels are finished with 0.8 mm thick PVC tape. The panels are mounted in a special, self-locking system, and are individually adjusted in fixed ports, which facilitates their removal. The inner space between the two panels is filled with sound absorbing mineral wool with a thickness of 80 mm; this space can fit electrical wires, telephone cables, or computer cables.

Each panel can be removed individually, which allows control and maintenance of electrical components. All covering panels are finished with a 0.8 mm thick PVC edge. GENESY system of adjustable dividers also includes panels allowing for the installation of vertical or horizontal Venetian glass, which can be mounted in the window frame. Window frames, which hold glass panels, are attached to structural elements (bars) on both sides of the wall with a quick-locking systems, as in the case of the installation of covering panels. All window and door frames are made of aluminium, powder coated with RAL 7016 polyester varnish or RAL 9006 anodised varnish. Other colours from the RAL palette are available on order. On special orders, horizontal shutters can be mounted between the window panes.